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Weekend in spa among girls

Do you ever think about your relaxation?

Everyday busy life, husbands, boyfriends, children, housework and other things don’t allow you to treat yourself to a little relaxation, it is about time to pull the plug, enjoy yourself and take care of yourself.

You have probably sometimes thought “I want to spend next weekend with my friends” but then something unexpected came up and you had to put it off.

Now stop! Call your friends of all time and think about how to spend a day or a weekend of relaxation and good time. There can be a lot of ideas, but

why not choose a getaway in a SPA?

Well-being, relaxation, treatments and laughs will be your care for one or more days.

Spa holiday or day with your girl friends:

why choose a SPA?

More and more girls and women friends choose a spa to fight daily stress and recover that peace of mind that sometimes seems to fade away.

Imagine to relax in our whirlpool bath with warm thermal water, and then to continue in our fantastic humid area, and all this enhanced by chats, laughs, and gossips for a day or a weekend with the people who are always able to bring back your good mood.

This is not all. In the spa you and your friends will be able to enjoy the different treatments, carefully planned to meet your needs.

You do not have to worry about this as our Beaty Therapist Martina has prepared a wonderful FRIENDS PACKAGE:



Together with a regenerating drink

We will be waiting for you to spend a relaxing day or weekend among your girl friends.

Remember not to forget about YOURSELF. NEVER.



Da sempre, molto prima dell’emergenza covid-19, Hotel Ocelle Thermae & Spa ha promosso alti standard qualitativi e seguito severe procedure igieniche, che oggi abbiamo implementato per garantire una vacanza spensierata ai nostri ospiti.

All’interno della struttura è stata costituita una speciale Task Force destinata a coadiuvare tutto lo staff nel rispettare le normative ANTI COVID -19, per garantire la salute e la sicurezza dei nostri ospiti e collaboratori.

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