massaggio con Le conchiglie e l’olio di avocado

The shell massage

A sensory journey, but above all a moment of relaxation to give the skin an innate hydration: this is the chill out or shell massage, the latest trend in massages.

The protagonists? 

shells and avocado oil 

Shell Massage, an experience with a high multisensory rate. Discover the new massage with hot shells. 

It is a real ritual, from listening to the sea, to the choice of fragrances and oils, all prepared to give a very special treatment where tropical sea shells are used as a massage tool. 

Inside the shells, a refill composed of algae, magnesium, iron and a saline solution is inserted which will heat up considerably in a few minutes and will remain so for the duration of the treatment! 

Delicate swaying movements take us with the mind to lush lands where the sea with its eternal movement and sound pampers us in a timeless space …

It improves blood and lymphatic circulation, so it is also detoxifying and draining. The movements on the face and scalp, then, have anti-stress effects. Shell Massage increases skin tone and elasticity and has an illuminating and stimulating action on blood microcirculation even at the scalp level.

Deep, sweet and harmonious massage that will accompany you in a sensory experience that you cannot help but love …… 

Come and discover the benefits with one of the massages we offer:

CHILL OUT massage that will give you a moment of pure relaxation and will literally leave you speechless! 



Sicurezza e igiene


Da sempre, molto prima dell’emergenza covid-19, Hotel Ocelle Thermae & Spa ha promosso alti standard qualitativi e seguito severe procedure igieniche, che oggi abbiamo implementato per garantire una vacanza spensierata ai nostri ospiti.

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