preparazione all'estate

How to prepare for summer

Are you ready for summer?

There are those who are waiting for nothing else and those who still have to resolve small issues, but here we are to remind you that this year too, it is very close and therefore the time has come to start preparing. Here are some of our tips to pass the dreaded swimsuit test and arrive at the summer season with perfect skin.

Let’s start with some tips for internal WELLNESS:

Let’s start with nutrition: it must be healthy and balanced. It is necessary to purify the body by making the most of the properties of seasonal fruit and vegetables; in particular those of orange or red color that facilitate tanning because they are rich in beta-carotene.

Better to avoid crash diets which, in addition to being harmful, will not give you lasting results. Also limit the use of sugars, take more vegetable fats. Hydration is the basis of our health, it is therefore essential to drink plenty of water, thus helping the skin to be softer and more elastic.

What to do instead for our body externally?

Physical activity

Another fundamental step to take to get to summer in full shape is to carry out regular physical activity. Choose 2 or 3 days a week to dedicate to sports: taking a jog or brisk walk and doing some exercise will help you speed up your metabolism and tone your muscles.

Body treatments

Getting ready for summer also means taking care of our skin, so that it is smooth and radiant.

We can prepare it by carrying out a deep scrub on the whole body before the first sun exposure that will eliminate impurities and re-oxygenate the tissues. The same care is to be taken for the delicate part of the face, preferring a lighter exfoliation in order to remove dead cells and the smog that has deposited without irritating the area too much. Also, never forget to use a high SPF for protection, as first exposures are the most dangerous.

Special attention should be given to epilation: rely on your trusted beautician to get the best result.

Finally, not to be overlooked is the hair, which is also severely tested by the sun and salt. Reinforcing it by getting a trim and using products to protect it will help.

Are you ready now?

Our SPA is ready to welcome you for all the summer treatments reserved for you


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