Health and wellness of hands and feet

It is useless to deny it, hands are the main communication tool we have at our disposal. They contribute, through gestures, to convey our character, sensations, moods.

Taking care of the nails is a fundamental step: not only for an aesthetic fact, but also and above all for health reasons. The state of the nails, in fact, can be a mirror of a person’s general well-being.

If they are smooth and uniform in color, it means they are healthy; if they show changes in their growth rate or particular discolorations, they could be dealing with problems related to the lungs, heart, kidneys and liver.

Here are some of the causes that cause nail disorders are:

  • Onychomycosis
  • Nail streaks or streaked nails

Onychomycosis (or nail fungus) is an infection that affects several nails, caused by a fungus; it is generally not a dangerous disorder, but it is an unsightly problem that can become difficult to treat, especially when neglected. It generally occurs as a change in the color and shape of the nail, when the fungus spreads deeper under the nail, it can cause the appearance of spots.

Nail streaks or streaked nails are a clear indicator of physical well-being: if they have lines or streaks that cross their surface, they can be the indicator of a general body malaise. This anomaly manifests itself as a sign or symptom of multiple conditions, including such as: aging, trauma, immune-based diseases, metabolic disorders, infections and malnutrition.


There are many approaches that can be evaluated for the remedies and care of fingernails and toenails; obviously they cannot be missing in our wellness center, where two specific treatments await you:

  • St. Barth pumpering hand beauty
  • St. Barth pumpering feet beauty

In these treatments we will focus on having well-groomed, soft, and luminous hands and feet, letting all the active ingredients of each product pass through the nails.

We conclude by advising you to always ask your doctor or dermatologist for a specific opinion.

See you soon,

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