Back pain

It’s been called the “disease of the century” because, according to available studies, as many as 80% of the population suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. The term “back pain” includes numerous problems such as low back pain, chronic low back pain, sciatic pain and herniated discs, all of which have something in common: the pain is localized in the spine. So there can be several causes.

We can classify back pain into three groups:

  1. Cervicalgia
  2. Dorsalgia
  3. Lumbago

Cervicalgia, or a neck pain, violently hits the cervical spine. It is supposed to pass in a few days and is caused by poor posture and stress accumulation.

Dorsalgia affects the middle part of the back till the base of the neck.

Lumbago, on the other hand, affects the lower back and prevents even the smallest movements.

If the back pain is not specific, treatment consists of taking painkillers and doing exercises to strengthen and improve muscle mobility. In other cases, back pain should be treated depending on its cause. If the pain is stress-related, doing some simple breathing or relaxation exercises can help relieve the stress. If the pain persists and becomes chronic, the doctor may prescribe pain relievers or, in some cases, injections.

Back pain prevention: physical activity and a healthy lifestyle

When back pain is benign, some simple lifestyle changes and exercise can prevent and relieve it.

Avoiding prolonged inactivity and maintaining a minimum level of physical activity are essential. Strengthening the back muscles is extremely important to prevent back pain. Therefore, it’s important to engage in sports like swimming or activities like yoga and Pilates that strengthen your centre of gravity and encourage stretching. It is also very important to maintain good posture in daily life.

Massages for back and joint pain divide into many orthopaedic, physiotherapeutic and alternative medical variants. The basic principle that unites all these different procedures is the restoration of correct posture, the first step in the well-being of nerves, muscles and joints.


There are many approaches that can be considered for back pain; of course, you cannot miss our wellness centre, where two special treatments await you:

  • Back detox
  • Back relief massage 25′

In these treatments, we focus exclusively on the back area, using specific products and movements to loosen and relax the muscles.

Finally, we would like to recommend that you always pay attention to the movements that you are doing at home or in any other place.

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